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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of questions we are frequently asked.  Should you have a question outside of those below, please just reach out.  We are happy to help!

  • How do I get started?
    Please refer to our Join Now page of this site to select which Referral Plan works best for you. Transfer your license to Norkus Referrals via our Get Licensed page of this site.
  • Who can I refer business to?
    1. You can refer to any licensed real estate agent, residential or commercial. 2. You can refer anywhere in the United States. 3. You can refer to any licensed company or brokerage. If you need help finding an agent, email us, we can help
  • How much will I be paid on a referral?
    Norkus Referrals charges a flat fee of $500 per transaction. For Example: On a $400,000 Settlement with a $12,000 Commission that you've agreed to a $3,000 Referral Fee $2500 o you as a Norkus Referral Agent $500 to Norkus Referrals
  • How much of a referral fee should I charge the assisting agent?
    This is negotiable between the agents involved. Most agents around our market area ask for a 25-35% referral fee.
  • Is continuing education still required?
    Yes. You are still considered an active agent and must complete education courses required by your state or jurisdiction. Periodically, we host continue education classes at a discounted rate. Members will be informed by email and/or newsletters If you have any questions, please email us:
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